St Patricks Day!

The mini-explorers had a great time celebrating St Patricks Day!


The four-leaf clover is one of the most common good luck symbols of the Western World. The four leaves represent hope, faith, love and luck… some say they represent fame, wealth, love and health. All agree that the four-leaf clover is one of the most auspicious good luck symbols around. Chances of discovering a four-leaf clover are 1 in 10,000. For that reason alone we see it as very lucky indeed!

We made four leaf clover pictures by printing with marshmallows!


A Christian legend tells the story that Eve brought a four-leaf clover with her when she was expelled from Paradise. Anyone lucky enough to be in possession of four leaf clovers would have a piece of the blessed paradise. A common belief during the Middle Ages was that a person who carried the rare four-leaf clover would have the ability to see fairies.

We made 3D rainbows with cotton ball clouds…


The mini-explorers went on a treasure trail finding coins and clover; if they found a special four-leaf clover they children received a medal and picked treasure for the end of the rainbow 🙂

St Patricks day



The History of Leprechauns

In Irish mythology a leprechaun is a type of male faerie inhabiting the island of Ireland. Leprechauns usually take the form of old men who partake in mischief, their trade being a cobbler or shoemaker. They are said to be rich with many treasure crocks buried during war time. According to the legend is anyone keeps an eye fixed on one he cannot escape but the moment the gaze is withdrawn he vanishes. In most tales and stories leprechauns are depicted as generally harmless creatures who enjoy solitude and live in remote locations.

Another popular belief is that you may find a leprechaun and his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Have a lucky day!

Donna 🙂


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