February half term Ancient Egypt!


During the February half term Culture for Kids visited Bullion Hall where we explored Ancient Eqypt!

We focused on items which could be worn collectively as an outfit, an Egyptian collar, crown and bracelet…

The Ancient Egyptians loved to wear necklaces and collars made from a range of materials. Only the wealthy could afford gold, silver or precious stones. But bone, wood and stones were used by those on a budget.

One of the most characteristic forms of jewellery is the collar. The collar was a favourite of the gods and pharaohs, but often they were given to official and soldiers a mark of honour.


The ancient Egyptians made beautiful bracelets and armlets from gold, lapis, carnelian, red jasper, turquoise and malachite. They worked both with beads and with moulded pieces, and created some beautiful designs…





We made Egyptian cats…


We potato stamped our names in printed cartouches…



Thanks for reading

Donna 🙂


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