Valentine’s Cutie Crafts


The history of Valentine’s Day and its patron saint is shrouded in mystery, but February has long been the month of romance. St Valentines Day, as we know it today, is both a mixture of Christian and Ancient Roman tradition. The Ancient Roman festival of Luperecalia was a fertility celebration held on the 15th February. Pope Gelasius I made the pagan festival into a Christian feast around 496. Named St Valentine’s day and celebrated on the 14th February.

Culture for Kids first workshop back at Pelton Community Centre was brilliant! Full of cute-ness and we have changed things up a bit, new equipment for the mini-explorers and a whole new set of Culture for Kids passports…


The Valentine’s session saw the first collaborative art project we have planned. As each mini-explorer turned up, they were given a paper cup to collect paper hearts which were hidden around the room. Then once they had done their scavenger hunt we made ‘love-bugs’ on the paper on the wall…


We made heart shaped suncatchers…



We made ladybug valentines cards…



All ages enjoyed are rose petal sensory tuff spot…




Culture for Kids holds heritage events every week at Pelton Community Centre, Fridays 1-2pm Term time only.

Donna x


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