Jungle Safari

As part of Culture for Kids Summer sessions at Pelton Community Centre we did a Jungle Safari! During this session we explored natural World Heritage Sites around the world. We used jungle sounds played over the sound system to turn the hall into a jungle experience and we had a jungle maze for the children to climb through šŸ™‚


Wet Tropics of Queensland, Australia

UNESCO World Heritage Site


We explored this site making by making parrots…


You can also see the gorgeous sunset pictures we made whilst exploring endangered Rhinos who are finding refuge in UNESCO world heritage sites, check our the infographic here The Last Rhinos.

Tropical Rainforest heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia

We made tiger hats whilst exploring Tropical Rainforest Heritage of Sumatra, Indonesia.




SerengetiĀ National Park, Africa


We made lion pictures using a fork to create the mane…


The children loved doing a trail, finding all our jungle safari animals, discovering their names in order to get their prize…


Our tuff spot filled with sawdust and stones was the perfect home for our animals.

We also made jungleĀ bugs with homemade playdoh and nature finds šŸ™‚


Thanks for reading

Donna x



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