Our Sponsored Mosaic Project!

Our Sponsored Mosaic Project!

The mini-explorers took part in a sponsored mosaic art project to raise money for mini- explorer packs! Each pack will contain equipment needed to explore heritage site such as binoculars, magnifying glasses and clipboards. The session was an opportunity to learn about our local Roman heritage and the sponsored mosaic was inspired by Roman mosaics, with a special Culture for Kids twist!


For this session the class was split between those creating Roman Armour and doing Roman Activities an those doing the Roman Mosaic Sponsored Art Project.

roman shield

The children crated Roman Shields by ‘etching’ a pattern in a foil baking tray they were then decorated with tissue paper in red and gold tissue paper to look like Roman shields.

shields 2

romn helmets

We made Roman Helmets with gold card and red tissue paper for the plume.

roman armour

And Roman armour with gold card. A step by step guide of how to make this Roman armour will be available soon on our website.


I made a batch of salt dough, more information about salt dough can be found at rainydaymum.com. I mixed in yellow food colouring and glitter to make it more expensive looking 🙂 From this the mini-explorers made Roman coins! They took them home to air dry and keep.

roman coins

roman coin

The Sponsored Mosaic Project

I laid out various buttons, sequins and gems and stones for the mini-explorers to arrange on our Roman Mosaic outline.


And the children stick them on with PVA glue, if there were any loose ones when they finished I re-stuck them with more durable glue 🙂


Toga wearing artist!





And in the end we had our wonderful masterpiece…


Our mosaic is proudly displayed in Pelton Community Centre. The children raised over £200 for the explorer pack, fantastic!


Thanks for reading!

Donna x

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