Knights and Dragons Half Term Event!

Knights and Dragons Half Term Event!

For our half term special event, our mini-explorers brought their brothers and sisters and cousins along to find out what they do at Culture for kids and join in the fun…. and they loved it!!

Before the session I made Knights lances from pipe insulation, craft foam and electrical tape.


I found a great site with instructions for medieval crowns at first palette so I prepared these for the mini-explorers.

medieval crowns

And of course, what Knights and Dragons session would be complete without our very own castle!

12751849_10100147421206288_1562862736_o (1)12742541_230597800610743_5734658748877552714_n


The Jesters hats went down really well, I made these with craft foam and used bells to weigh the strips down to look like a jesters hat, and they jingled!


12737117_10100147422593508_182313076_o (1)

We created medieval goblets with plastic party glasses and stick on gems…


goblet 2  Goblet3The children made dragon sock puppets with red socks and craft foam pieces…

12754860_10100147421984728_662012743_o (1)The children made castle collages from various paper and card, here they could really express themselves with lots of choice…

12765644_10100147421780138_290368680_o (1)

12755260_10100147421949798_1333561285_o (1)12765771_10100147421675348_877348236_o12767872_10100147422304088_172695153_oThe Knight’s tabards looked fantastic, I made these similar to the Norman tabards for the Durham World heritage Site Session.

12755150_10100147422079538_2127027109_oThanks for reading!

Donna x

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