Culture for Kids Celebrate Chinese New Year!

Culture for Kids Celebrate Chinese New Year!

This Chinese new year, our mini-explorers has a wonderful time learning about Chinese culture and more about the Chinese New Year Celebrations. Mainly the tradition of the Dragon dance!

Dragon dance is a traditional performance in Chinese culture. It is similar to the lion dance performed at other festivals, the Dragon Dance is performed at Chinese New Year. The dance is performed by a team of dancers who manipulate a dragon figure. This dragon has a long body and huge dragon head, the dancers underneath the body move and sway poles to create the illusion of the dragon moving. Chinese dragons are iconic of China and are believed to bring good luck to people and the longer the Dragon Dance, the more good luck with be brought to the community.

chinese dragon

The mini-explorers had great fun pushing our dragon around like the dragon dance!

They also enjoyed making ‘fire breathing dragons’ with paper cups and tissue paper.




Using green tissue paper the children covered the paper cup and pushed a hole in the bottom of the cup. Strips of red and gold issue paper were stuck around the opening of the cup. Pompoms and googly eyes were stuck on the top for eyes and nostrils. They the children could blow into the hole at the bottom and the ‘fire’ would wave and move like a fire breathing dragon.


The children also crated large pictures of the Dragon Dancing…

dancing dragonThe body of the dragon was made using patterned paint rollers and the children could make colourful wavy patterns. Plain dragon faces were available for the children to colour in and stick them on the picture. The tail was made from shredded tissue paper attached to the picture with a split pin.


As always the children love fancy dress…


In learning the story of the animals for each year, we hid pictures of the animals in our ball pool. The children could then match them to the posters on the wall.

12662044_224629361207587_2751050145702506050_n12647180_224629091207614_8497501236206918704_nAnd we had some fishing games going on….

And in keeping with the tradition of elders giving money in a red envelope to youngers, we had some chocolate coins for the mini explorers wrapped in red foil as a little treat 🙂


Thanks for reading!

Donna X

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