Children Around the World!

In the last session we explored children around the world. This gave our mini-explorers an opportunity to compare different cultures explore life from different children’s point of view! This week we also wrote a letter to a similar children’s heritage group in India! It was fantastic sitting the group down and getting them to formulate questions for children on the other side of the  world!


Our group telling me what questions they want to ask the children in India.

The questions we came up with were:

  1. Do you eat chips? (I love this question!)
  2. What do you play?
  3. What do you each for breakfast?
  4. What does your house look like?
  5. Is it hot where you live?
  6. Do you know the ‘wheels on the bus’ nursery rhyme? 

Can’t wait for the responses 🙂

This week we also changed the information provided for the parents to reiterate to the children. Normally, I provide a few interesting facts and pictures for the crafts detailing what its all about. This time I created a table so the children could compare similar aspects across countries.


Map School
 map  school
Houses Flag
 chinahouse  chinaflag
Eat for Breakfast Traditional Dress
 chinabreakfast  chinadress

I made a gona for the children, baby Dean loved it the most…



How cute is this Inuit tribe baby!

inuit baby.jpg


Map School
 map2.png  school2.jpg
Houses Flag
 house2  flag2
Eat for Breakfast Traditional Dress
 breakfast2.jpg  inuitdress

we created an Igloo using a tent, which we then draped sheets over which had blocks painted in them. I left a fishing game outside the tent, I think this was the favourite activity for the children!





Map School
 MAP3  school3.jpg
Houses Flag
 house3.jpg  flag3.png
Eat for Breakfast Traditional Dress
 breakfast3  kenyadress

We created necklaces by cutting the rim from a paper plate and decorating with paint.



Map School
 map4.jpg  school4
Houses Flag
 house4.jpg  flag4
Eat for Breakfast Traditional Dress
 breakfast4.jpg  dress4.jpg

We created clogs and hats to celebrate the culture in the Netherlands.



The children also decorated people however they chose, with crayons, coloured paper and scraps of fabric.



Children around the world was our most popular session so far! 17 mini-explorers! Thank you everyone for all your support, looking forward to exploring more cultures with you 🙂

I would love to hear your feedback on the changes to the interpretation methods, changing from fact sheet to a more visual information sheet? Was this easier for the children to understand in your experience?

Donna x

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