The Results are in… :)

The Results are in… 🙂

At the end of the last Culture for kids term, I asked parents to complete a short survey about their own and their child’s experiences at culture for kids. Thank you to all who completed the survey, we got some great responses! We Asked…

1.     how do you rate culture for kids

All respondents answered excellent! Thank you!

2. recommend

All respondents shared they would recommend Culture for Kids with friends or colleagues.

3. length

Currently we run Culture for Kids sessions for an hour and a half. As the majority of respondents answered the session length as ‘about right’ I will continue to run the sessions at this length.

4. value

 I was so pleased, all respondents thought Culture for Kids was Value for money! Currently Culture for Kids is £1 per child.

5. unique

Everyone found Culture for Kids unique which is fantastic! Over the course of the coming term we are having fundraisers, and applying for more funding which will open up opportunities for trips to heritage sites and more equipment for games, crafts and activities and we will keep up the unique nature of the group!

So, the first five questions allowed me to gain some general information about how the group is perceived. the next question were to gain insight into the importance and impact of heritage and culture.

6. importance

All respondents agree heritage and culture is important for children.

7. how well

This was particularly encouraging! the age range of the children is 0-5 and as such are difficult to communicate heritage to using traditional means. They cannot yet read, they cannot easily relay information to confirm they have understood what is being talked about and they have varying but generally short attention spans. Communication in Culture for Kids is through re-creation of heritage by crafts, through fancy dress and role play, through dance and play activities, lots of images and lots of playdoh ha!


8. learned

This result is extremely positive, one of the main questions I had about the group is do the children remember the topic beyond the session? Which is followed up with the next question. This question is focuses on the crafts that the children make and take away with them. In this was, they are a souvenir and the aim of this was for the items to remind the children of what they explored in the session.

9. remind2

10. Please tell us if you have any suggestions for the group on how we can improve next year 🙂

To summarise some of the responses to this question, I was asked to plan sessions that allow children to compare sessions suchs as Kings and Queens around the world. Exploring myths and legends around the world, which is particularly of interest to me and intangible heritage is a main area of my research. Engaging with more local heritage. This terms sessions have been planned to encompass all of these suggestions.

Other comments which are very nice and encouraging were :

‘It might be nice if there was a more organised snack time where they all sit down together. Although I rather like the informal help yourself nature too!! Only thing I could think to even suggest. Really fab group.’

‘Continue to provide sessions! If a price increase would help the future of this group I think it would be welcomed by all who attend It’s a fantastic group run professionally, with children at the heart of everything’  

Thank you for everyone who participated in this survey and for your help in shaping this group for the future! Looking forward to the new term 🙂

Donna x




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