Our Super Cute Halloween!

Happy Halloween !

As Culture for Kids was off for the half term we will be missing our chance for Halloween Crafts!! So we wanted to share our super cute halloween activities Jade and I have been doing this half term and some snippets about why do make Jack-o-lantern 🙂

Aviary Photo_130906246674403016

Pumpkin Krispie cakes! We used the recipe from yummy healthy easy however we couldn’t quite get them to mold into pumpkin shapes! So we improvised and used cupcake cases 🙂 also i chopped a square of cooking chocolate in half for the stalks, they used tootsie rolls. Despite the changes they still looked great and they were yummy!

Aviary Photo_130906253635142869

The name jack-o-lantern originated in Britain and dates from the 17th century, which translates to ‘man with a lantern’. By the late 1800s the name was more commonly used to describe the homemade turnip lantern. Created by hollowing  out the turnip and carving the shell to represent human faces and putting a candle inside. On All Saints Day (1st November) and All Souls Day (2nd November), Catholic children would carry these lanterns while begging door to door for Soul Cakes.It was not until the mid to late 19th century when Irish immigrants introduced turnip carving to Americans that pumpkins were used in replacement.

This year I was looking for non-scary pumpkin ideas, seeing as we are doing super-cute crafts this year and I found the Carve a Heart Campaign by World Vision, turn a night of fear into a night of hope 2015. The aim is to encourage people to carve a heart in your pumpkins and then text HEART TO 70060 to donate £5 to world vision and help children living in fear. Every night millions of children face hardship, loneliness, abuse, hunger or conflict, this campaign is great in raising awareness, we are in! They even provide Stencils and Instructions for carving the perfect pumpkin on the website.

Ready, Steady….

Aviary Photo_130906335052343449


WIN_20151030_12_38_29_ProLove them… and we are helping World Vision with their goal turn a night of fear into a night of hope for children 🙂


Other super cute crafts we have been busy with include, spider webs, lots of spider webs… mummies, and more pumpkins…

Aviary Photo_130906964610960210
 This pumpkin was made with gold strips we had left over from the Egyptian Day 🙂 which we hole punched and joined them together with split pins, which he had from the Romans Day, to make a ball shape and added a foam ‘stalk’. and stuck black card shapes  on for eyes. Best thing about this craft was it was so versatile, yeah we got pumpkins but we also got masks or hats to!

Aviary Photo_130906963401639667

Glitter spiders webs, draw the web out in pva glue and decorate with any colour glitter you like 🙂 we chose blue for night time webs.


We cut figures from black card and stuck strips of cut up bandages on to make mummies 🙂


Aviary Photo_130906970017622079We used colourful disposable plates, hole punches round the edges and threaded string through to create more spiders webs. It was useful to secure the string on the back with sellotape to hold in place, and to wrap sellotape round the tip of the threading string for easier threading 🙂

Aviary Photo_130906973949434697And for the spiders we got messy and painted out hands, two handprints and you have yourself a creepy spider shape… just heed the eyes… or five!

Aviary Photo_130906975860930571Aviary Photo_130906976836536665Aviary Photo_130906977490009315

Skeleton hands!

xray 2

Jade loved doing this, painted hand and arm white to make a stamp on the paper and the stick Q- tip ‘bones’ on with pva glue 🙂

That sums up our super cute halloween!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you got ideas for your own halloween celebrations

Donna x

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