Ancient Egyptian Day Was So Much Fun!

Ancient Egyptian Day Was So Much Fun!

We held our first Culture for Kids session on friday at Pelton Community Centre and it was great fun! Everyone seemed to enjoy our arts and craft activities, our mini archaeologists sandpit, fancy dress and face paints! And we got some great photos of all the goings on 🙂 Please let me show you what we did…


The kids and parents enjoyed digging in out sandpit for special artifacts! This was a great way to engage with the children and talk about the item they discovered. We has figurines of the gods Ra and Osiris, Scarab beetles, mummified barbie dolls buried in the sand and three models of pyramids placed on the top. The older children loved exciting finds and the younger babies enjoyed the feel and texture of the sand.


Crafts were designed to be age appropriate, so this meant shapes were pre-cut so that children could do the ‘assembly’ part of the creation. This resulted in great inventions the children could take home and all ages could participate.

We also selected activities which provided the children with things they could wear so once they completed activities they could put what they made on and play fancy dress! The children created Egyptian armlets, collars and traditional crowns.




The potato stamping hieroglyphics was a definite favourite…



And Khaled, from Durham University, arrived to translate the children’s names into ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics it really made the day special and gives them something they will keep forever!



All in all it was a wonderful day, it was lovely to see both parents and kids engaging with international cultures in a fun way! The 0-5 age group is very young to speak to about heritage and culture but days like these will hopefully leave positive connotations in their mind. One mammy has since commented that her son went home, put on his creations again as said ‘look daddy, Egypt!’  – Thomas, age 2

This is exactly what we hoped to achieve from the day 🙂

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