Hello world!


This is the first post I’m writing for Culture for Kids! I’m so excited to be starting this group at Pelton Community centre!

The group is an opportunity for 0-5s to explore their own culture and culture throughout the world through crafts, games, videos, music and more. This group is very different from other groups in the region and I aim to engage the children with heritage in an exciting and meaningful way! I also hope parents can take something away from the group…. and not just the cake πŸ™‚

I have recently finished a Masters Degree at Durham University in International Cultural Heritage Management, so I’m all ‘heritage-inspired!’ And as a mammy to a gorgeous 3 year old girl (pictured above enjoying Alnwick Castle) I’m really interested in how children engage with heritage and in ways to communicate aspects of heritage with them.

If the group is popular I also aim to arrange trips for members and their parents to local museums and heritage sites πŸ™‚


Donna x

2 thoughts on “Hello world!

    1. Hi Kay! thank you for your interest, I am doing two taster days, one on Friday 9th October where we will be doing Egyptians and one on the friday the 16th October 1-2.30pm. It would be fantastic if you and your daughter would join us! I also have a facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cultureforkids
      if that helps πŸ™‚


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